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LCD Display Motor Voltage Protection Relay With Multi Protective Function


Supply Voltage: 220-450Vac
Multi-functional over-voltage, under-voltage, loss of phase, phase sequence and unbalanced three phase
voltage fast acting protective relay.
"Equipment Running" time counter and "Fault Counter" on-board.

Controls its own supply voltage (True RMS measurement).
Three phase voltage protector, chronograph and counter are integrated into one relay.
Operating voltage value, failure state, time, counting number of faults and other information are displayed on the LCD.
It is equipped with protective functions for over-voltage, under-voltage, loss of phase, phase sequence and unbalanced three phase voltage.
The protective relay will work normally in case of disconnection of any one phase.
Various parameters are set by pressing the buttons and protective functions can be opened or closed in the same way.
The counting input signal of wide range is AC/DC 20-450V.
The three phase voltage value, timing and counting numbers are inquired by pressing the buttons.
Working frequency range: 45-65Hz
The relay is DIN rail TH mountable.
Voltage measurement accuracy ≤ 1%.
Control status is indicated by LED


Protection of electrical equipment and motors from over voltage and under voltage.
It is suitable for real time monitoring and protecting the power supply for the equipment which needs to be started frequently, such as elevators, generators, cranes, traveling cranes, machine tools and compressors, and it can accumulate numbers of starts and operation time of equipment, meanwhile, it can monitor the power supply of the equipment; In case of abnormal condition of the power supply it will cut off the power supply and record the numbers of power failure and the cumulative time as the basis for repair and maintenance.

Installation method

The protective relay can be inserted directly into a standard TH rail.

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