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7 wire wireless control for Kipor generator

Wireless Control > Kipor Generators
Kipor generator compatible wireless ignition key switch replacement.
(Direct replacement of Kipor ignition key switch part # JK425-2)
Simply unplug your Kipor ignition key switch and re-connect 2 empty sockets with our controller 5 + 2 pin plugs. Power up the receiver from 12V starting battery: connect brown wire to +12V and blue wire to battery negative. Leave the controller outside the metal canopy to achieve better reception.

Please observe the shape of plastic shell, it must be matched to your generator connector.
If not sure, please take a good photo of that socket and email us.
Suitable for KDE6500E3 KDE6700T3 KDE12STA3 KDE3500E and more.

Press button "A" on your key fob (ignition ON state) then press and hold button "B" to crank the engine. Ones engine started, release button "B".
To stop the engine: press buttob "A" again. Do not leave the generator stationary with ignition "ON" too long, it may soon discharge the starting battery.
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