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HONDA EU65is wireless control

Wireless Control > Honda Generators
Model: GC101 (Plug&Play)
for Honda EU65is with 6 pin RC socket located in a battery compartment.
May be also compatible with the following Honda models that have electric start, 6 pin RC socket and auto choke:
EU65is, EU6500is, EM5000is, EM7000is.

Important note
If your Honda generator is not in the list: please email us your exact Honda model and serial number so we could help you to get the right controller.

Wireless Controller GC100 for HONDA EU65is


The Model GC101 is a microprocessor operated Wireless Controller, designed to start and stop the HONDA EU65is with a key fob.
Operation of the controller is via 2 buttons located on the key fob. Button "A" is functioning as a "Start Switch" and button "B" is functioning as a "Stop switch". To start the generator press button "A". To stop the running generator press button "B".
GC101 model comes with 1 key fob and Honda EU65is RC plug fitted. Number of extra key fobs required may be selected during checkout. Please note, key fob battery is not included, please fit your own battery (type 23A [12v].

To make the GC101 work: Remove the blank RC plug from the Honda RC socket and plug in the controller cable instead. Install the controller where possible using 4 self-adhesive stands in the battery compartment, avoiding the controller touching metal parts, not too far from the battery service cover to ensure good reception, connect the blue wire to the engine battery negative and the brown wire to the engine battery positive, then replace the battery service cover and turn the engine switch to the "Remote" (far left) position.
The controller can be supplied in two versions: Version1 (Open type PCB controller with wires and 6 pin Honda RC connector fitted) and Version2: The plastic enclosure housed controller with 2m cable and 6 pin RC Honda connector fitted. These can be selected from 2 buttons shown below.
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